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Children are physically and emotionally different from adults, which is why they need specialized care to serve their dental and general health needs. We provides this type of care for our Vancouver WA youngsters. Serving the East Vancouver area, our full-service family practice features the latest techniques in cosmetic, preventive and restorative dentistry.

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The Need for Specialized Care

Infants, young children and even teens require dental practitioners who have the ability to care for teeth that are rapidly developing. Pediatric dentists are trained to deal with such conditions, from the teething process in infants to the appearance of molars or the development of certain fears later in childhood. These specialists receive training that goes beyond their general dental schooling. Working with both children and parents, pediatric dentists are adept in focusing specifically on the dental needs of the young and can help develop a healthy dental routine that will last into adulthood.

Losing the Fear of Dentistry

Approximately half of the American population fears dentists. Some in this group may not have received professional dental care in years or could have serious problems with their teeth and gums. Others may have gone through a bad experience with a dentist, perhaps suffering severe pain or trouble with the anesthetic. The staff of Storybook Dental is understanding of patients with past problems and is dedicated to alleviating any of the related fears. We will provide the care that is needed and do it in a setting that you will find both comfortable and friendly.

Look at That Smile!

Storybook Dental offers a wide range of safe procedures designed to restore discolored, missing or malformed teeth. Dr. Ronald Hsu has experience in cosmetic dentistry and has given hundreds of patients the smile they deserve. Through their exceptional services, our warm and supportive staff employ techniques designed to eliminate the anxiety of patients and at the same time give them teeth that are bright and healthy. We even offer emergency appointments. We will give you and your family a smile that will last a lifetime!

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Dr. Ronald Hsu, DDS, M.S.

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

My enjoyment in being a Pediatric Dentist comes from teaching and empowering children and their parents to attain optimal oral health.

Dr. Elysia Sybert, DDS

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

One of my favorite aspects of pediatric dentistry is its emphasis on the patient’s oral health by providing preventative care.