Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic Bonding Done Right

When it comes to your children's teeth, many parents can be neglectful of cosmetic issues if they believe that the adult teeth will eventually come in and remove any worries. However, for the child, cosmetic damage can be both painful and embarrassing. At Storybook Dental, we strive to bridge the gap in your child's developmental years with the utmost in oral care.

Ceramic Bonding

The perfect remedy for stains, gaps, spots, or chips in your child's teeth may be ceramic bonding. If veneers and crowns don't make sense because the damage is not severe enough or widespread, ceramic bonding can be used to fix isolated issues with ease.

In fact, the procedure does not even require the anesthesia that is typically necessary for dental procedures such as fillings, root canals, and extractions. Our dental team will work to comfortably apply a ceramic composite material that functions and looks just like the real tooth enamel. It can be used to fill gaps, repair chips, cover up stains, and even to lengthen teeth.

There is little technical difference between using ceramic bonding to shape and perfect teeth and filling a cavity with a resin. The key difference is that when teeth need fillings, the structure of the tooth is usually weak. This means that the dentist must drill relatively deep to find the hard enamel before they can apply the filling material.

Because the dentist simply texturizes the surface of the tooth where the ceramic resin will bond, the entire procedure is painless and does not require drilling close to the nerve. This is why it is one of the easiest procedures for your child to endure. And because there is no anesthesia needed, they will not feel that weird fat lip sensation or have trouble eating and drinking after the procedure.

This procedure is inexpensive and so easy on your child. They don't have to cringe through heavy drilling or deal with the discomfort of keeping their mouth open for hours and hours on end. When we tell them that this is a fun procedure to help brighten their smile and to eliminate any discomfort, they are pleased to go through with it. Maybe we will promise them a free toy when they are finished.

How We Treat Children

When dealing with children, dentistry requires a special touch. You can't simply go right to work as you would with an adult. Children need to feel welcomed in a dental office. They need to know that other kids are being treated and that they are in safe hands. Bright colors, kids’ toys, and doctors with fun and friendly personalities are mandatory in childhood dentistry.

If children do not feel comfortable, they may neglect their oral health later on in life. Developing good oral health habits and creating a fun atmosphere for kids to learn about oral hygiene are critical to our success story. At Storybook Dental, in Vancouver, we want your children to be proud of a perfect smile. And we want parents to feel at ease and confident that their beloved children are in the hands of the top professionals in the pediatric dental field.

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