The Road To Restoring Your Child's Smile

At Storybook Dental in Vancouver, Wash., we want your children to have perfect teeth that don’t require repairs or restorations. However, there are times when a child does need a restoration to repair a tooth’s function or appearance, and with the proper care, these items can last for many years. Here are some of the ways that our dentist can fix a tooth that is decayed or damaged by an accident.


Composite Fillings

We hope that your child is brushing and flossing enough along with eating a nutritious diet so that cavities don’t occur in one or more teeth. However, if a child does have a cavity, then our dentist can fill it with a composite material that is durable but beautiful. We make sure that a child’s fillings match the shade of the natural tooth to create an attractive smile.


Stainless Steel Crowns

If a tooth toward the back of your child's mouth has a deep cavity, then it may require a crown. The teeth toward the back of the mouth are difficult to see, and for a primary tooth, it makes more sense to use a stainless steel crown. One of these types of crowns is more affordable, and it will protect the tooth’s internal structures until the tooth loosens and falls out. An adult or permanent tooth will fill the space where the crown-covered tooth was located.


Composite Crowns

Rather than using a stainless steel crown, we can cover a damaged tooth with a composite crown or cap. This restoration is appropriate for teeth that are located toward the front of the mouth because the items are made to match the color of the surrounding teeth. With a composite crown, your child will have an attractive smile.


Zirconia Crowns

When you want your child to have the highest quality crown for a front tooth, you should choose one that is made from zirconia. This is a translucent type of dental crown that has no metal lining, creating a radiant smile that will last for many years.


Teeth Restoration Experts

To learn more about dental restorations for your child, contact us at Storybook Dental today. Our pediatric dental office can arrange a routine or emergency examination for a dental problem that requires an attractive restoration.

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