Trauma Management

Trauma Management, Rescue Mission For Your Teeth

Kids are adventurous. They like to have fun, explore their surroundings, and learn new things. The last thing kids think about is the health of their teeth. So it’s no surprise when those little teeth get broken, chipped, or completely knocked out. During times like these, a reputable Pediatric Dentist can come to the rescue. Contact Storybook Dental to take care of your child’s dental needs.

Our dental trauma services adhere to guidelines set by the International Association of Dental Traumatology. We do everything we can to restore your child’s sweet smile. Dr. Ronald Hsu and Dr. Derek Nguyen also make it a priority to educate local schools about dealing with dental trauma that occurs during school hours. Here are some of the most common childhood dental mishaps.


1. My Child’s Tooth was Knocked Crooked

When a tooth isn’t completely knocked out, it can get knocked crooked. A crooked tooth is usually not severe. But if there is damage to the gums or bone, it can turn into a serious situation.

The most appropriate treatment depends on the severity of the situation. It’s important to note how far out of place the tooth is sitting. In which direction is the tooth pointing? Is it a permanent tooth or a baby tooth? Is there damage to the surrounding bone or gums? In this type of situation, we can possibly save the tooth.

Contact us as soon as possible so we can assess the situation. The sooner you act, the more likely we’ll be able to save the tooth.


2. My Child Broke a Tooth

It’s great if you can find the fragment from the broken tooth. Put some clean water and the fragment into a Ziploc bag. We will see you and your child as soon as possible. If the fragment is large enough, using it to repair the tooth is a possibility. But if there is no fragment or the fragment is too small, we can rebuild the tooth. We’ll make the repair with resin composite material that best matches the color of your child’s teeth.

It’s important to treat a broken tooth as soon as possible. A broken tooth can become infected and affect other areas of the mouth. Timely treatment decreases the likelihood of infection and increases the chance of restoration.


3. My Child’s Tooth was Knocked Out

The child’s age plays a role in how we treat a knocked-out tooth. When the child is younger than 6 years old, the missing tooth is likely a baby tooth. The best response is to clean the wound. Once the wound is clean, have the child bite down on a towel or piece of medical gauze. Baby teeth aren’t replanted in the mouth, so just make sure the child is comfortable and without pain.

If the knocked-out tooth is a permanent tooth, then we prefer to place it back into its socket. The success rate of replanting a permanent tooth is highest if it’s treated within 15 minutes of the accident. Do not store the tooth in water. Place it in a Ziploc bag or a container with the child’s saliva or a container with milk. Remember, do not store the tooth in water.

Store the tooth as soon as possible. Don’t worry about cleaning it. It’s better if we clean the tooth at our offices. We’ll clean the tooth before replanting it into your child’s mouth.


Storybook Dental Can Meet Your Pediatric Dental Needs

Storybook Dental cares about your child’s teeth. Children deserve excellent dental care the same as adults. Rest assured we have your child’s best interest at heart, and we’re certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

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